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Singing Bowl Travel Set

Singing Bowl Travel Set

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Each singing bowl travel set is handmade in Nepal by artisan craft people. 

Sold separately. Each singing bowl travel set measures approximately 12cm x 11cm x 7cm.

Our singing bowl travel sets are handmade in Nepal by artisan craft people. Each set comes in a beautiful brocade bag, which allows for easy transportation. It comes supplied with a small wooden striker to make the bowl sing and a little cushion to rest your bowl on. This is the perfect gift or travel set.  Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries. During both healing rituals and meditation sessions. Using one of these helps to restore the normal vibrational frequency bringing balance to mind, body, and soul. Therefore, you must choose a singing bowl that delights you and brings you joy.


To begin rest the bowl in the palm of your hand. Keep your fingers relaxed and away from the bowl edge. This will ensure they do not touch the bowl and interfere with the vibrations made. Hold the striker firmly and lightly tap the bowl. Then slowly, but firmly run the striker around the rim of the bowl, applying constant pressure. It is your decision whether you prefer to keep your wrist rigid, similar to a stirring action, or allow it to move in a freely rotating manner. With practice, you will notice that different sounds are achieved by altering the pressure, speed, and area of the bowl where you are playing. Occasionally a rasping or rattling noise can be heard; this can be rectified once again by changing the pressure, speed, or area of the bowl you are using. This bowl can also be used as a gong, striking it to produce a percussive, drumming tone.

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Keep all gemstones and energy tools away from children. 

Sold separately. Each singing bowl travel set measures approximately 12cm x 11cm x 7cm.

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  1. Florence

    I have the green one of these and love it. So easy to take on my travels too.

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