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Our Story

It is with grateful hearts that we welcome you here. When we first began Surrender to happiness, it was from one small idea on a vision board. Where we were inspired to create a business that reflects our love of living simply. We have since started to manifest our dream into reality. As with all things, the journey far outweighs the destination. And we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy stretching our boundaries. To bring more to our customers and followers.

Surrender to happiness combines a space for both a beautiful metaphysical shop and informative workbooks. We want you to experience the positive shifts that can be made. When you embrace holistic healing, gratitude, and self-love into your life. Simple pleasures and the art of self-care are becoming lost in our fast-paced, busy world. We want you to understand there is always time to build the life you want to live. And by developing some simple daily rituals anything is possible.

Self-care is a formidable power and comes in many different forms. Including it in your daily life is transformative, allowing you to bring positivity and hope into every aspect of your life. It helps to remove self-doubt and replace it with confidence. Through our own journeys, we have learned many valuable life lessons. Whether you have anxiety, depression or are simply looking for something more. We can help you by supplying the tools and information you need to live your best life.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit us. Take a look around surrender to happiness and see what we have to offer. Feel free to contact and connect with us, we enjoy hearing from you. And we would love to support your journey.