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Mini Brass Tingsa Tingsha


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Each handmade mini brass tingsha is decorated with the eight lucky symbols and finished off with a leather cord

Sold separately. The approximate diameter of each mini brass tingsha is 5.5cm. 

Each handmade mini brass tingsha is decorated with eight lucky symbols and finished with a leather cord. People use tingshas for sound therapy, space clearing, meditation, and music. However, their original function was and still is a religious tool during rituals by Tibetan Buddhist monks. There are, however, still people who believe they are magical in their own right. 

The word tingsha comes from the Tibetan words “ting” and “sha,” meaning “the ringing sound of metal” and ” hanging.” When you strike the two cymbals together, they produce a bright, high-pitched tone. This tone is ideal for clearing space and removing any low vibrational energy, including negative energy. You can also use this tone to clear the energy of your crystals. The traditional technique of toning often uses tingsha bells these days. This technique helps to relieve both mental stress and anxiety by using the bell tone to promote a natural flow of energy through the body. Which, in turn, will then release any blockages.

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Keep all gemstones and energy tools away from children. 

Sold separately. The approximate diameter of each mini brass tingsha is 5.5cm. 

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