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Palo Santo Incense Stick


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These beautiful palo santo incense sticks come from the wood of the bursera graveolens tree, or as it’s more commonly known, the palo santo tree. These cones emit a sweet, woody, and fruity aroma.

Sold as a set of 3. Each one of the palo santo sticks will vary slightly in size, shape, colour, and pattern. The approximate length of each piece of wood is 12cm.

These beautiful palo santo incense sticks come from the wood of the bursera graveolens tree, or as it’s more commonly known, the palo santo tree. These sticks emit a sweet, woody, and fruity aroma. For centuries, the indigenous people of South America have used palo santo in various forms. These range from spiritual treatments, purifying and cleansing, to insect repellants.

Palo santo translates as “Holy Wood” because of the beautiful healing powers surrounding this tree and the wood it produces. For example, it is widely believed that when a piece of this wood is burned, the smoke can heal emotional stress, anxiety, and trauma. Furthermore, the smoke can also help to clear negative energy by replacing it with peace and love, which, in turn, boosts the spiritual connection and raises vibrations.

You will find palo santo in many forms here at surrender to happiness. Moreover, they all embody the purity and beauty of this sacred wood. All our palo santo products are 100% sustainably harvested. We only sell products obtained from naturally fallen trees. For more information on this beautiful wood, check out our blog post, ‘a quick guide to Palo Santo.’


Never leave burning palo santo sticks unattended. Place in a heatproof container; do not place the container on a flammable surface. Keep away from children and pets, and do not ingest. Always dispose of it safely.

Remember to check out our other products, such as this beautiful smoke cleansing bundle. For more information on space clearing, look at our blog, ‘a beginner’s guide to smoke cleansing your space.’ Finally, as always, if you take any photos using these beautiful sticks. Please tag us on Instagram @surrender_to_happiness. We love to see you enjoying this beautiful incense.

Keep all gemstones and energy tools away from children. 

Sold as a set of 3. Each palo santo incense stick will vary slightly in size, shape, colour, and pattern. The approximate length of each piece of wood is 12cm.

Smoke cleansing is closely tied to the spiritual practice of smudging by Native American / Indigenous Nations. White sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, and many other plants used for burning are considered sacred medicine by the Native American / Indigenous Nations. It is, therefore, essential that to avoid cultural appropriation and exploitation that you understand the cultural history of these items. As well as the history of suppression forced upon these native populations, where they were forbidden to practice their culture, language, and traditions, including smudging, until 1978 and the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. Even with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, Native American / Indigenous Nations still find themselves continually persecuted for various reasons. When purchasing sage and other plants used for burning, it is essential to ensure that they are ethically sourced and that there is no over-harvesting of these sacred medicines. And where possible, always support the Native American and Indigenous Nations.


Light your palo santo incense stick, then once the wood has caught fire allow it to burn for a few seconds before carefully blowing out the flame. Start at the door of the space to be cleared and move in either the direction in which the door opens (if the door opens into the room) or in a clockwise direction. Allow the smoke to fill the space as you move around the room, ensuring it reaches all corners and areas of the room, clearing negative energies and replacing them with a positive flow. As you walk around the space doing this you are systematically sweeping all the negative energy out of the door.


To cleanse your crystals with the palo santo incense stick, hover the wood over your crystals allowing the smoke to permeate each crystal. When you are finished place your palo santo incense stick in a fireproof container and let it extinguish on its own. Unlike other incense and smoke cleansing sticks, you may relight your palo santo incense stick many times. Ensure the area is ventilated well.

Products sold by Surrender to Happiness should not replace conventional medical advice or treatment. For medical advice, always consult a medical expert. Crystal healing or other energy work is not to be considered a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a health issue, you should consult your doctor. Surrender to Happiness would like to advise that all the information on our website, both downloadable and readable, plus any hand out literature sent with orders and any other written or spoken communication, is purely informational and our own beliefs. Because a crystal or stone or other items on the website is alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, it does not mean that you will definitely experience or benefit from any such properties. Any information you receive, whether orally, in written form, or electronically relating to crystals and stones purchased from Surrender to Happiness, should be received and understood in the above context. Surrender to Happiness will consider that the purchase of anything from our website is made on the basis of your own freedom of choice and the knowledge that Surrender to Happiness accepts no responsibility or liability for the effectiveness of the products sold herein.

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