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Brass Ohm Bell

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This beautiful brass ohm bell emits a happy and pure tone, creating a positive cleansing effect on the areas touched by its singing vibrations. 

Sold separately. Each Brass Ohm Bell measures 9.5cm.

A brass bell doesn’t have to be large to affect a space significantly. This petite brass ohm bell emits a happy and pure tone; it creates a beautiful and positive cleansing effect on the areas touched by its singing vibrations. The beautiful sounds cut through stagnant, negative energy allowing a positive flow to fill the space. For the best results, ensure you move around the area while ringing the bell, allowing the purifying sound to reach every corner.


This cleansing ritual also works well with palo santo or another spiritual incense scent. Many people suggest burning one of these scents before producing sound vibrations. Once the air is filled with fragrance, use the brass ohm bell to enhance the room’s positive energy. Furthermore, you can use the sound waves the bell makes to re-tune your crystals. To do this, ring the bell above the crystals to be re-tuned, allowing the vibrations to continue until they come to a natural stop.

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Keep all gemstones and energy tools away from children. 

Sold separately. Each Brass Ohm Bell measures 9.5cm.

Start at the door of the space to be cleared. Move-in either the direction in which the door opens into the room or in a clockwise direction. Ring the bell as you move around the room, ensuring the sound vibrations reach all corners and areas of the room, clearing negative energies and replacing them in a positive flow. As you walk around the space doing this, you are systematically sweeping all the negative energy out of the door. To cleanse your crystals with the Brass Ohm Bell, hover the bell over your crystals, allowing the sound to permeate each crystal softly.

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  1. Lisa

    I love this little bell. It is a great way to cleanse your crystals and looks cute too.

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