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A quick guide to palo santo

palo santo at surrender to happiness

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If you haven’t experienced palo santo yet, then you’re missing out. You’re probably thinking to yourself why am I? What is so special about palo santo?

Palo santo means ‘holy wood’ and belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh. Surrender to happiness only uses palo santo harvested from bursera groveolens trees that have fallen naturally. Found in South America, this sacred tree is now protected in many countries. And was originally used by the Incas for cleansing and spiritual purification since its smoke is believed to remove evil spirits and misfortune.

Slowly regaining popularity in today’s society, more people are using it as a natural medicine to purify themselves and their surroundings. You can find it in many different forms, from palo santo sticks to bars of soap or flavored tea.

What does palo santo smell like?

It gives off a magical, natural scent, similar to a mixture of citrus and pine. The mesmerizing smoke produced can benefit your mind, body, and soul in many different ways. Once you have smelled its natural perfume, you will recognize it anywhere.

Here are just a few benefits of palo santo:

Smoke cleansing with palo santo

Known to remove negative energy, the smoke creates a calm and tranquil space. Plus, at the same time, brings creativity and good fortune to the area. You can clear any space you want by setting an intention and simply smoke cleansing the area with a wood stick. Start at the door and work your way around the room. The smoke must reach all corners of the space you are clearing for optimal results. For more detailed information on smoke cleansing, go to our blog ‘a beginners guide to smoke cleansing your space.’

Natural insect repellent

Used regularly in Peru and Ecuador to ward off insects, the sweet scent of a burning stick or cone will help keep away mosquitoes that are out to bite. Therefore, it has become a favorite for ours when we are in the garden. It also has the added benefit of not emitting nasty toxins into the environment. So put away the chemical insect repellant and treat yourself and the earth with more care.

Health benefits

Allergies, headaches, colds, and flu symptoms can be relieved with palo santo as well as anxiety, stress, and depression. Found as soap, wood chips and pieces, incense sticks, incense cones, and essential oil. Each one of these has a specific health use and benefit. You can also brew tea from this magical wood, to support and boost the immune system (we recommend that you research this thoroughly before trying it at home). So depending upon your symptoms, take a look at what form will work best for you.

How to light and use palo santo sticks or cones

As mentioned regularly in this article. Burning sticks or cones create palo santo smoke. Below are some tips for doing this:

  • Once you have lit your palo santo. Allow the flame to burn for roughly 30 seconds. Before blowing out the flame and allowing the scented smoke to fill your space.
  • It is the hot embers that produce the smoke. Not the flame.
  • Always ensure cones are placed on a fireproof surface. And once you have finished with a stick, please put it in a fireproof container until the embers burn out. Never leave a burning stick or cone unattended.

We use palo santo for clearing our homes and work areas, as well as our crystals. As mentioned previously, we use cones to deter insects when we are sitting outdoors and as incense inside our home. The scent brings a feeling of relaxation and calm. So if you have never tried working with palo santo before, we recommend you give it a go. After all, it’s not called ‘holy wood’ for nothing!

Try using it for cleansing your crystal collection or living space. It also works well when used alongside sage smoke cleansing sticks and dahlia smoke cleansing sticks. Customers can buy the incense cones and sticks in our shop so please feel free to browse at your leisure. Plus, please remember to share any photos with us on Instagram @surrender_to_happiness, we love to see our visitors enjoying life.

Please ensure, that any palo santo wood you purchase is sustainably sourced. It is also important to learn about the cultural history of palo santo to avoid exploitation and cultural appropriation of Native American and Indigenous Nations.

For more spiritual and wellness tips, check out other sections of our blog. Finally, palo santo can be used for grounding, for more information click here.

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