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Introducing daily rituals into your life

daily rituals

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Every one of us has daily rituals that we do. We are not even aware of many of them—for example, the person who can’t get going without having a morning coffee each day. The mom who always gets her children ready before herself and the person who needs to check all the doors are locked before they leave the house. These are now established rituals in our daily lives so much that we don’t even notice them anymore.


Setting ourselves daily rituals can play a massive part in achieving our goals and dreams. They can also enhance our health and well-being and create a lasting, positive effect on our lives. How do we go about deciding what we should bring into our lives as a daily practice? This is where you need to establish what it is you want from life. What goals do you wish to achieve? How would you like to feel? And what steps do you need to take to get there?

I suffer from anxiety, so to minimize my stress from day to day, I have introduced a few daily rituals. I started by trying to calm my breathing, leading me to spend two minutes a day practicing breathing exercises and fifteen minutes a day meditating. Take note that I have not set myself unrealistic expectations. And that the time frames will easily slot into my everyday life. These are also easy things to accomplish should I not be at home. What small, easy changes can you make to your day to improve your life? If you are looking to create your own spiritual rituals, click here.


Here’s another example, after being ill last year, I needed to regain my strength in a slow, steady manner, so I took up yoga again. Since reigniting the realization that yoga benefits the mind, body, and soul, I have introduced this as another daily ritual within my life. Each day on waking, I complete a few rounds of sun salutation. Once again, it is a ritual I can complete anywhere; it does not take too much time from my day and leaves me feeling accomplished and calmer. I have also included crystal rituals into my daily life, such as having certain healing stones in specific areas of my home. And I have also started carrying snowflake obsidian with me, as it is a calming stone and aids in removing worries and anxiety. Do you have any rituals that you want to fit into your day? Can you modify them if necessary?

meditate as part of a daily ritual


Another ritual I would encourage everyone to take up is daily gratitude journaling. How to do this is all down to one’s own preference. I personally tried to keep a full diary but found I tended to miss days. So I decided to simplify and now I write five sentences each day of things I am grateful for. I usually do this in the morning, as it gives me a sense of gratitude that I take with me throughout my day. Gratitude comes in many forms from being able to acquire clean drinking water from a tap in your house, through to living with a wonderful family. So have a think what are you grateful for today?

Most of my rituals at present focus on me building up my health. Healing my anxiety and boosting my belief in myself. Although, I do have work orientated rituals too. These focus on specific small tasks I want to accomplish daily to build a more significant outcome. None of my rituals are time-consuming. I find I use my time better since introducing them. They are all accomplishable, which leaves me with a sense of satisfaction each day. This is the key to keeping on track – small, accomplishable, time friendly rituals.


To get into the habit of completing my daily rituals, I used a ritual tracker to tick off each ritual as its accomplished. I still use one if I introduce a new ritual, which helps me keep on track and focused on what I want to achieve plus the time I want to spend on each ritual, each day. You can download the surrender to happiness ritual tracker at the bottom of this post. Don’t take on too much in one go and develop your rituals to fit your lifestyle, adding to them as you grow.

The rituals you introduce into your life add value to the saying ‘a little progress each day, adds up to big results.’ So decide on your life goals, where do you want to be? How do you want to feel? Look at what small actions or changes, you could make each day—allowing you to work towards your desires. Slowly introduce them into your life and before you know it. You will not only be working towards your ideal life, but you will feel accomplished and happy.

Click Here To Access Your Daily Ritual Tracker Printable

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @surrender_to_happiness and share your new daily rituals with us. For information on how to develop a great morning routine click here or if your emphasis is on developing a more spiritual practice click here. If you are interested in signs that you are on the right track, take a look at our blog post ‘Spirit animals, have you met yours yet?‘. For more information, hints, and tips, take a look around our blog. And finally, for something different, why not check out this book – ‘Goddess Rituals.’

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