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Develop a great morning routine


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A good morning routine is a habit that most successful people share. As we all know, anyone can get up early, but the morning can be easily wasted without a good routine. Successful people pay attention to their mornings and establish a routine that they follow, this sets them up for the day, and as we all know, an excellent start to the day usually makes for a great day.

By continually keeping to a routine and developing good lifelong habits, you will be setting yourself up to be more productive and successful in your life, whether it be business, family, health, or anything else. There are also many health benefits of being an early riser too. Research has indicated early risers appear to suffer less stress, increased energy, and improved sleep patterns. Although we all know not everyone is an early riser, and some struggle to get going, these night owls can still hugely benefit from a set morning routine.

6 ways to wake up the right way

After looking at successful people’s routines, we have found they have certain things in common. Such as waking up before 7 am every day and sticking to beneficial habits, but it is also important to acknowledge some of the healthiest, long-lived people in the world are later risers. Here we have come up with a quick list of the top six ways to wake up right, no matter what time it is.

1. Take deep breaths

The first thing you should do in the morning is to sit up tall and take deep breaths through your nose; this gets the diaphragm moving and oxygen flowing through your body. It encompasses a feeling of calm, ready for the day ahead. Try taking 30 deep breaths for maximum effect.

2. Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of room-temperature water in the morning will help you wake up faster and feel more alert. A glass of water will boost your metabolism, ready for the day ahead, helping your body digest your food easier. 

drink a glass of water first thing in the morning

3. Show gratitude

While you are drinking your water, take this time to start a gratitude journal. Every morning write down at least three things you are grateful for; it has been scientifically proven that keeping a journal can have physiological benefits. It helps remove all the toxic emotions, such as hate, envy, and regret and replaces them with positivity and happiness.

4. Move your body early in the morning

Get up and move your body; this will get your heart pumping and the oxygen flowing. Go for a walk, jog, or do some yoga. It is good for your physical health, and being active early in the morning also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

5. Seek out natural light

Your circadian rhythm, known as your sleep/wake cycle, needs natural light. This internal clock runs in the back of everyone’s brain and keeps your body running in time. You will need to enhance your natural light to wake the body up naturally and keep to a routine. When you wake up, open the curtains, or even better, go outdoors and expose yourself to the sun’s light. To find out about more benefits of sun therapy, click here.

6. Eat breakfast

Eat a good breakfast high in nutrients. Steer clear of high-sugar cereals and think more about oats, eggs, avocados, yoghurt, fruit, and vegetables. If you enjoy one, it is also the ideal time to have a coffee. Breakfast is also a great moment to catch up with family if you have time to enjoy your morning meal together.

healthy breakfasts should be part of a good morning routine

Don’t reach for your phone straight away

Many of us have developed the habit of reaching for our phones or looking at a screen first thing in the morning. These emit a blue light that can affect our hormone melatonin and alter our circadian rhythm. Grab a book or a newspaper if you need to read in the morning. Reading encourages brain function, vocabulary, and concentration. So go ahead and read a few pages of something you find interesting.

So what’s stopping you?

Set your alarm for a time you are happy with, and follow our six easy practices above. You will soon begin to feel the benefits, both mentally and physically. Plus, waking up will become much easier once you develop a good circadian rhythm.

Remember to tag us in your new morning routine pictures at @surrender_to_happiness. And for more ideas and tips, remember to check out our blog. Finally, if you need help getting to sleep, look at our tranquil sleep crystal grid and our sleep-promoting crystal set.

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