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Spirit animals, have you met yours yet?


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Here at surrender to happiness, we believe everyone has a spirit guide. Some of these will appear in the form of spirit animals. This belief is also cemented in many different cultures throughout the world. A spirit animal will have a personal relationship with the individual, and it is believed the animal chooses you rather than you choosing the animal; this proved true when someone we know well wanted a cat as their spirit animal; instead, they ended up with a magpie! The animal is there to guide you, protect you, and teach you.

It is believed that a person can have several spirit animals throughout their life and that they appear to give guidance and support in various situations. Whichever animal appears during these situations will be specific to what you need. One animal will stay with you your whole life, in both the physical and spiritual worlds. The traits of this animal also represent you and your behaviours. A spirit animal can reveal itself to you in several different ways. These can include in a dream, during a meditation, painted on an item, or physically.

spirit animal

Connect with your spirit animals

There are several different ways for you to connect with your spirit animal. The one we have always worked with begins by sitting quietly and breathing. Allow yourself to become calm and relaxed and your mind quiet. Set the intention to meet your spirit animal, and ask it to show itself. Continue to sit quietly, breathing steadily and clearing your mind of everything. Once your mind is clear, ask again to see your spirit animal; usually, this is the time when a name or a picture of an animal will pop into your head. This is your spirit animal; you haven’t chosen it; it has chosen you.

As stated earlier, there are many ways people find their spirit animals. You may find an animal keeps appearing in front of you continuously over a short period of time. It doesn’t always have to be in physical form; for example, you could have a deer cross your path during a walk, visit a store and find one staring at you from the cover of a magazine and then turn the television on to see a deer looking at you. Working with a shaman, visiting a tarot reader, or other energy healers can help you find your guide.

is a deer your spirit animal?


If you want to cleanse and clear your space or yourself before inviting your spirit animal to show itself, please do so. The best way of doing this is with a smoke cleansing stick or incense. When clearing a room, use a fireproof container held under your lit smoke cleansing stick, fan the smoke into all areas of the room, and start and end at the doorway. Pay particular attention to corners and window frames. If you are cleansing yourself, place the lit smoke cleansing stick in a fireproof container and cup the smoke in your hands before pulling it over you.

My spirit animal

Connecting with your spirit animal is a beautiful feeling, so if you haven’t already, give it a go. The signs I have received from my spirit animal, a rabbit, have made a fantastic impression on me. I have felt guided, supported, and even taught in many different forms during my encounters with rabbits. I have asked to have a rabbit show itself to me if I’m on the right path, and they have appeared in the most unexpected places. So go on, give it a go. Find your spirit animal guide and enhance your life with the knowledge and guidance it gives you.

rabbit spirit guide

We love to hear about people’s experiences with spirit animals and the guidance they give. Let us know all about your experiences on our facebook or Instagram pages. And for more spiritual information on crystal and spirit animal pairings, click here.

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