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How To Use Affirmation Cards

Affirmation Cards

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Affirmation cards have been proven to boost both positivity and outlook. With the ebb and flow of life, it is easy to be whisked along with everyday tasks. Forgetting to take a few quiet moments to recharge and recentre yourself. Affirmation cards are great reminders of where we are and where we are going. They are little bursts of inspiration and love designed to give you greater hope and motivation.

Using these cards can help manifest your goals. By boosting your positivity, you improve your self-belief, which leads to greater action and increased confidence. When you are in the right mindset, you can accomplish more towards what you want to achieve. And each step you take towards a goal brings the desired outcome closer to you. So how do you use affirmation cards?

Daily draws

It is easy to pull a card from your deck anywhere, anytime, which is great if you are time-poor. However, to achieve a firmer mindset, make your daily draw into your sacred practice. There are many ways to do this; how you choose to do it is entirely up to you and your preferences.

You could sit quietly, focusing on how your day will unfold while pulling a card from the deck. Or you could play uplifting music and spread your cards over a table, allowing your hand to gently hover above them until it feels right to pick up a particular card. You may even choose to pick more than one card at a time.

Once you have drawn your card, you can pop it back into the deck or display it somewhere prominent for a constant nudge throughout the day. If you have an altar, you may choose to display it there. Whatever you choose, make it personal to you.

Ask your cards a question

If you are looking for an answer, then ask your cards. Begin by holding your deck; ask them what affirmation will give you the sign you need to move forward with something, e.g. “what affirmation can help me with my work situation right now?” Follow this by pulling a card from your deck and reading what you are given.

Sometimes the affirmation you are given will confirm an answer you suspected. Other times you will be given something to contemplate, allowing your mind to see other answers that had not been present before.

A mantra for meditating

When you are ready to meditate, draw a card from your deck and use this as a mantra. You can say it in your mind or out loud; this is your practice, so do it your way. By meditating with your mantra, you are clearing your mind of all other distractions and focusing solely on your affirmation. This will allow it to become embedded into your psyche and help you move forward in life.

Empower yourself

Take your card and pin it to the edge of a mirror. Recite the affirmation out loud while looking directly into your own eyes through the mirror. Repeat this several times until you can feel the words in your soul and have reaffirmed the affirmation in your mind.

Decorate with your affirmation cards

If affirmations in your deck resonate with you daily, then keep them out. Decorate your home, workplace or sacred space with them. Stand them on shelves, pop them in picture frames, or hang them on your walls or from your ceiling. Not only will they look beautiful, but they will serve as a constant reminder of what you can achieve.

Give them as a gift

No rule says an affirmation deck must be kept whole. Giving a card as a gift to a loved one is a wonderful gesture. So if a card calls out to you about someone else or if the affirmation resounds with something a loved one is going through, then gift them the card; it was surely meant for them.

So as you can see, there are many ways to use your affirmation cards. From daily draws to giving them as gifts, all of these can help you form the right mindset to move forward with your goals. Giving you self-confidence and boosting your desire to create the life you want.

If you want affirmation cards, look at these beautiful moon magick ones. Or fill in the sign-up form on our home page and receive a set of free printable affirmation cards. For more on manifesting your desires, check out our blog on ‘crystal grids and manifesting your intentions.’ And for more information on creating your own spiritual rituals, click here. And Finally, please remember to tag us @surrender_to_happiness on Instagram. We love to see you enjoying our ever-changing world.

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