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Crystal grids and manifesting your intentions

*Hand drawn crystal grid with assortment of crystals at

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Crystal grids are an excellent tool to use when you wish to manifest your goals and intentions. Since they utilize several stones’ energy at once, combining these with the grid’s geometry and the intentions you set will strengthen your focus. Results manifest quicker with crystal grids than using individual crystals. There are also many different grid layouts, so you are sure to find one to suit your purpose.

One of our favorite crystal grids is the flower of life grid, consisting of nineteen interlinking circles. This grid is believed to contain the universe’s blueprint in its delicate shape and is a great “go-to” crystal grid. No matter what your intentions are, the flower of life grid will work. It is known for increasing the energies of manifestation, balance, harmony, and renewal.

Location and intentions

Before using a crystal grid, find a location in your home that works with your intention. For example, if you are working on your relationship with your spouse, set the grid up in the bedroom. Next, take a small piece of paper and write the intention(s) you want to set on it. Remember to start each sentence with “I am,” which shows you claim this intention as your own to the universe.

The next step is to choose your crystals, look at your intentions, and choose the crystals that will align with these the best. For example, if you are looking for a restful night’s sleep, howlite, hematite, and clear quartz work well. 

If you are looking for abundance, citrine, aventurine, and pyrite are good crystals. Sometimes particular crystals will draw you to them. These will be the ones that work well for you at that specific time. You will also need a clear quartz wand or point.

Focus stones and personalization

When choosing your crystals, ensure you have a focus stone. Place this crystal in the center of your grid. It will send energetic pathways along the grid to your other crystals, channeling and assembling the universe’s power. The focus stone is usually larger than the other crystals on your grid and can be a cluster, or a carved stone. If you are unsure which crystal to use as your focus stone, a clear quartz point is ideal for this.

You can make your crystal grid personal by adding items that inspire you, these can be anything. Here at surrender to happiness, we use flowers, jewelry, pretty stones, shells, and feathers. Anything that you wish to put on the grid, that inspires you and focuses your intentions is a brilliant addition.

A close friend of ours always adds petals, leaves, and items such as acorns or fir cones, this is because she celebrates each season and brings each one into both her home and intentions.

Cleansing your crystals

When you have your crystals and decorations, and your grid is set up in the correct location, it is time to cleanse your crystals and space. An easy way to do this is by burning a smoke cleansing stick or using a brass bell for sound cleansing. After you have cleansed your crystals and space, fold the paper that has your intentions on and place it in the center of your crystal grid, then put your focus stone on top of it. Continue to build up the remainder of your grid by placing your crystals where they feel right.

Activate your crystal grids

As you place, each crystal think about the intentions you are setting. Once you are happy with your grid, you need to activate it, this is where the clear quartz wand or point comes in. Draw an invisible line connecting all of the crystals together with the quartz.

This helps connect the energies of the crystals, and when completed, your grid is activated. We leave our grids up for as long as feels right for us and the intentions we set when building it.

hand drawn crystal grid by

If you want to manifest a specific outcome in your life or want to try a different use for your crystals, have a go at building a crystal grid. They can be built using any crystals that fit with your intentions—and customized with beautiful or seasonal decorations. Not only is this a wonderful thing to try, but it also produces a beautiful thing to look at. Plus, it can help you manifest your intentions and dreams quicker.

You can buy handmade crystal grids and crystal grid kits from our shop. Such as this good fortune one, why not take a look? Please remember to tag us at @surrender_to_happiness on Instagram, we love to see your creations and hear about your experiences. For more spiritual information check out the rest of our blog.

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