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Full Moons & Moon Phases 2024

Full moons 2024

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The moon doesn’t emit its own visible light. A full moon happens when the side of the moon facing Earth is entirely illuminated by the sun’s rays. Each year typically sees a minimum of twelve full moons, corresponding to each month. However, occasional variations occur due to the lunar cycle lasting approximately 29.5 days, in contrast to the average 30-day calendar month.

Numerous cultures have assigned names to each full moon within the lunar calendar. These names, often stemming from Native American and Indigenous Nations’ traditions, served as timekeeping references, as the lunar cycle and moon phases were instrumental in these cultures. It’s important to note that moon names varied among different Native American and Indigenous Nations, but the ones listed below have gained widespread recognition beyond their original communities.

For your convenience, we have provided a printable calendar showing the full moons of 2024. Simply click on the image to download it:

Moon Phases

As previously mentioned, a lunar month spans approximately 29.5 days in duration. Within each lunar month, there are a total of eight distinct moon phases, which are as follows:

Phase One

Phase one marks the emergence of the lunar cycle and is known as the new moon. A celestial alignment occurs during this phase, bringing the sun, moon, and earth into perfect harmony in the sky. It offers a moment for introspection, a time to ponder the past and envision your desired path in the forthcoming weeks. Phase one also provides an opportune moment to set fresh intentions.

Phase Two

Phase two heralds the arrival of the waxing crescent moon, the initial stage of lunar growth and formation, appearing as a delicate sliver of silver in the night sky; this phase embodies the spirit of action. Just as the moon embarks on its journey of expansion, it’s an invitation for you to commence your own growth, breathing life into your dreams as they begin to take shape.

Phase Three

Phase three is the first quarter moon, signalling a pivotal juncture in the lunar cycle as it reaches the quarter-way mark. As the moon continues to wax, so should your openness to new opportunities and your willingness to align with the ebb and flow of life’s rhythms. Embrace the momentum of growth and progress as you journey through this phase.

Phase Four

Phase four corresponds to the waxing gibbous moon, a period marked by uncertainty. It’s challenging to discern whether the moon is full during this stage, as only a slender sliver remains shrouded. This phase often stirs feelings of impatience, as if something is holding you back. However, during this time, practising patience and placing trust in the higher realms can yield profound insights and growth.

Moon Phases

Phase Five

Phase five marks the arrival of the full moon, where the sun and moon align on opposite sides of Earth. This pinnacle of lunar energy is when opposing forces converge, potentially evoking elation if you harmonise with life’s natural rhythms or vulnerability if you’ve been resisting them. This phase invites you to both celebrate your achievements and confront the obstacles you’ve encountered. During this juncture in the lunar cycle, consider revitalising your crystals by exposing them to the full moon’s light, whether in the great outdoors or on a windowsill.

Phase Six

Phase six corresponds to the waning gibbous moon, as the moon gradually sheds its fullness. It’s a phase characterised by the process of introspection, where you navigate the experiences that have unfolded since the lunar cycle’s commencement. Energy may wane, and apprehensions may arise, but it’s also a time for liberation. Release your fears and doubts, allowing the world to witness and hear your authentic self.

Phase Seven

Phase seven signifies the last quarter moon, having progressed three-quarters of the way through the lunar cycle. In this phase, surrender becomes paramount, akin to the moon’s gradual relinquishing of its luminosity. Assume responsibility, shed the old, and create room for fresh growth, novel concepts, and new beginnings.

Phase Eight

Phase eight embodies the waning crescent moon, where the moon’s visibility is faint at best. This stage denotes conclusions and wholeness, providing an opportunity to close one chapter and initiate the next. Reflect on your journey, acknowledging accomplishments and setbacks while devising plans for your upcoming steps in the next cycle.

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