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Crystals for anxiety and stress

feeling stressed and anxious

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With anxiety and stress on the rise in our ever-demanding world, it is no surprise that one of our most asked questions is “Which crystals help with anxiety and stress?” Crystals help us become grounded, and give us a feeling of support from the earth we live on. Each crystal has properties that help us to heal in specific ways. And there are quite a few of these stones that aid the healing of anxiety and stress. So, to help manifest calm in your life here are our top five healing stones:

1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is known as the crystal of love, believed to attract all kinds of love, including self-love, as well as enhancing compassion and kindness. All of these things we need to allow ourselves during times of stress and anxiousness. It is an undeniably calming crystal that helps with emotional stress, tension, and worry, while helping to clear negative emotions and increase positivity.

rose quartz rough at

2. Blue Lace Agate

With its soothing and peaceful energy, blue lace agate is the crystal to use when feeling anxious or stressed—helping to remove fear, while allowing tranquility and serenity to blossom. Negative emotions are reduced by blue lace agate’s ability to promote rational thought. Plus, the soft blue of this crystal with its enchanting bands is visually calming. 

blue lace agate at

3. Howlite for anxiety and stress

Howlite is a beautiful stone for treating stress and anxiety, since it not only combats self-doubt but also aids in stabilizing emotions. If you need to focus, howlite will produce the calm required. Furthermore, it promotes muscle relaxation, which helps you unwind and provides an overall feeling of peacefulness. On an evening howlite helps calm an overactive mind allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. Just tuck it under your pillow as you climb into bed.

howlite at

4. Sodalite

Sodalite is useful for reducing stress, as it helps to silence an overactive mind, bringing focus, clarity, and peacefulness to the user. It also aids emotional balance, self-confidence, and the verbalization of feelings. This stone will encourage rational thought and help to ease panic attacks while promoting inner peace. 

sodalite at

5. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful protection stone, that helps to absorb negative energies, soothe nerves, and enhance well-being. Known to remove self-destructive thoughts and relieve panic attacks, it will create a boundary to stop you from absorbing negativity from others. As well as encourage clear thinking and ease any tension. While its grounding properties help provide a connection with the earth and allow you to feel fully supported. 

black tourmaline at

Take a crystal bath to help relieve anxiety and stress

For an anti-anxiety and stress-relieving bath, it is a good idea to combine crystals, and candles, and if you want lavender essential oil. First, run yourself a lovely warm bath. Next, light some candles and place them around the room, candlelight is known for its calming effect. Then add your crystals to the bathwater, ensuring they are water safe (some crystals disintegrate in water). We suggest starting with rose quartz and blue lace agate for a feeling of complete relaxation. These two crystals together promote calm and serenity. You could add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your water before swishing it about to mix in. Lastly, get in the bath and allow yourself time to breathe, quiet the mind, and relax.

Don’t forget to share any more anxiety and stress relief hints, tips, and ideas on our facebook page. And for more ideas and tips remember to take a look at our blog. You could even try our ‘don’t Worry’ roll-on essential oil blend if you are feeling adventurous. Finally, for a guide to our top 5 protection crystals click here.

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