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New ideas for new year resolutions

Fireworks Celebrate Your New Year Resolutions

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Many of us have developed a strong misconception about January in a world where life is so busy and time flies by. Believing there is a need to change how we do things all of a sudden. The Collins dictionary definition of a new years resolution states:

“a promise to yourself or decision to do something, especially to improve one’s behavior or lifestyle in some way, during the year ahead”

What’s the rush?

Focus on the last four words of the dictionary definition ‘during the year ahead.’ Those four words imply that rather than rush headlong into the new year’s resolutions that you have set yourself. You can take your time and set a steady pace to develop a long-term plan. Easing yourself, realistically, into the life improvements you want to make. With most resolutions failing before January is even over, now is the time to re-adjust how we start each new year.

Personal experience and making changes

Seven years ago, I was ill over the new year and into the first weeks of January. As a result, I spent a long time in bed, thinking about my life and where I was at that moment, as well as what I still wanted to accomplish and what new year resolutions I wanted to make that year.

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Since I couldn’t begin my resolutions immediately, I had time to think about them honestly, allowing me to focus more on how I would accomplish them. Once I started to feel better, I decided to take my time to relax, recuperate, and enjoy being in the moment before easing myself into my goals in a more orderly and attainable manner.

It has worked wonderfully for me ever since, and I wanted to share this lifelong lesson I learned. This approach and including resolutions on a vision board helped me easily kick my bad habits. In the past, I’d tried over and over again and never succeeded. I did it this time by getting my head in the right place and taking the time. I have also radically changed my eating habits, mindset, and wellness routines using the same approach.

Examples of taking your time

Suppose you are trying to lose a few pounds to attain a healthy weight instead of going all out and starting a strict exercise regime, which you may find impossible to keep up with after a few weeks, or cutting out all the foods you love and going on a strict diet. Instead, try fitting in a 20-minute brisk walk each day or a yoga sun salutation each morning. Once this becomes a habit, add to it, walk for longer, turn it into a jog, or add another type of exercise.

Change your eating habits slowly, and reduce sugary drinks and snacks. Eat 80% healthy and 20% other each week. By taking things slow, you are giving yourself a chance to develop lifelong habits. You won’t feel like you are missing out on a nice meal, and you can enjoy a night out or a special occasion without feeling guilty. You won’t feel overwhelmed that you can’t keep up with a strict new exercise regime. But you will achieve more long-term success by steadily changing your fitness levels and eating habits over time.

January, for many animals, is a month of hibernation and whilst no one is suggesting you stay in bed until spring. The darker, colder days are a time you should spend nourishing your mind, body, and soul, easing into the new year with excitement for your journey ahead. You shouldn’t be setting goals with unrealistic time frames and expectations. Your heart is beating, and you are alive, enjoy the moment and the new journey you are embarking on.

New year resolutions and what you love

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Ensuring any tough new year’s resolutions are offset by including things you love is essential. This way, you are not focusing solely on a complete lifestyle change. Make sure you have time to do something you already enjoy doing. If you like painting, schedule an evening where you paint instead of collapsing in front of the TV. If you enjoy going to the cinema, write some cinema days on your calendar and stick to going on those days. No matter how small or simple a task, if you enjoy it, include it. No one can completely change their life with New Year’s Resolutions, but you can improve it if you take the time to do it properly.

One of our new year’s resolutions is to smoke cleanse our homes throughout the year periodically. We want to clean our family’s living space of negative energies. If you want to add this to your life, you can use many herbs and flowers or buy premade smoke cleansing sticks such as this wonderful sunflower one. We have also decided that this coming year, we want to bring even more spirituality and peace into our own lives, and this is one way of working towards that. So all that’s left to say is:

“We wish you a very happy year ahead, filled with love and best wishes”

For more wellness tips and information, check out our blog. And remember to tag us at @surrender_to_happiness on Instagram with your new year’s resolutions.

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