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Crystals for the home

Crystals For The Home

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Our homes are our personal space, each different from the next, where we can be ourselves, hidden from the world and free to do and be what we like. It is no wonder that our homes are filled with light and dark energies, reflecting the emotions of the people who reside there. We all want our homes to be harmonious, balanced, warm, and protective; this is where crystals can help balance some of the energy held within your home. Finding suitable crystals for you can often be challenging with so many crystals. So here’s our quick guide on crystals for the home:

The Main Entrance To Your Home

Most, if not all, of the comings and goings to your home, happen here; this means many different energies can cross and be held around this area. Two good stones to be placed here are black tourmaline and golden tiger’s eye. Black tourmaline is a protection stone that can absorb negative energy. While golden tiger’s eye is a harmonizing stone, it will help create peace between different beliefs and lifestyles. Your home’s main entrance is traditionally believed to welcome luck, so try placing jade in this area since it is known to attract good fortune. 

Crystals For Your Living Room

The living room can be a busy place where you entertain guests, and many different activities can happen simultaneously. Placing a piece of selenite in this room will promote a feeling of calm and tranquillity. Also, since many living rooms contain electronic equipment, you can place shungite near these to help protect you from electromagnetic frequencies

Fluorite is another good crystal for the living area since it encourages clear communication and can help to enhance relationships. Finally, amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz can be used to form a golden triangle. Place these stones around the edge of the room in a triangle formation to provide a space between them rich in relaxation, purification, and regeneration.

Crystals & Your Kitchen

Often regarded as the heart of the home, our kitchens are a place of sustenance and warmth. Rose quartz mirrors this warmth with its tender and nurturing properties, replacing negative energy with high love vibrations. You could also place a moss agate piece as a reminder that accidents can occur quickly in a kitchen and for you to be careful.

Citrine can help aid digestion, build confidence, and encourage motivation, which is ideal when trying new recipes and ideas. And finally, there is carnelian with its warm and hearty colours; it promotes confidence and creativity while keeping your inspiration flowing.

Your Dining Room

The cosy intimacy of the dining room is often where conversations flow, and daily events are shared. To help encourage accessible communication and laughter, place a piece of clear quartz in this room. Its healing nature will keep the energy in the room pure, allowing positivity and good vibes to your conversations.

crystals for your dining room

Crystals For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms have a multitude of uses, all focusing on well-being. A bathroom is a place for peace, calm, and pampering. The ancient tradition of spas has been around for centuries, and bathrooms are our mini versions. It is a relaxing space to meditate and incorporate a spiritual practice, to escape from the world and concentrate on our needs for a while.

One of the most prominent items in the bathroom is himalayan salt; its gentle healing properties ease tension. Use a himalayan salt bar or crystals in your bath for added benefit. To feel surrounded by love, place a piece of rose quartz in your bathroom; it eases emotional stress, tension, and worry; you can even put it in your bathing water, where it will encompass you with its loving energy.

Lava stone is another excellent addition to your bathroom; its grounding and calming properties make it a magnificent healing stone. And remember, you can incorporate crystals into your bathing and self-care routine in crystal bath sets and facial rollers (for more of these, look at our shop).

Bedroom Crystals

On average, we spend one-third of our life asleep, a considerable amount of time spent in our bedrooms. It is also important to acknowledge we use our bedrooms for other activities. In contrast to the relaxation and calm needed to encourage sleep, vibrant and passionate energy fills the room during more intimate moments. So when placing crystals in the bedroom, the contrasting energies need to be recognized.

When intimacy is the room’s focus, you should display warm, richly coloured crystals, such as carnelian and red jasper. Carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra, enhancing your sexual energy. Red jasper is a vibrant and passionate stone believed to increase circulation to sexual organs. 

When sleep becomes the room’s focus, specific stones placed nearby may aid restful slumber. Once again, the unconditional love of rose quartz will envelop you in peace and serenity. Soothing away any tension and lowering stress levels. Selenite assists with peacefulness and ensures calm and tranquillity within the room in which it is placed. At the same time, chrysoprase helps with balancing the hormones and promoting overall healing energy. If you struggle to sleep, place one of these stones under your pillow to help you sleep a restful night.

Crystals For Your Children’s Room

Children’s rooms often double as a place of play and sleep. Crystal mobiles and wind chimes are an excellent way to display them while keeping children safe. Smoky quartz is a beautiful crystal for a child’s room as it promotes calmness, allowing over-excitement and built-up energy to disperse quickly. Pistache opal can help if your child struggles to sleep, helping to quiet an overactive mind.

Crystals For Your Office

Working from home full or part-time has become a regular part of everyday life for many people. As a result, many have set up home offices in either spare rooms or part of another room. Shungite is an essential stone on your desk if you have computer equipment or electronics nearby. It can help protect you from electromagnetic frequencies while keeping you grounded and focused on your goals.

Iron pyrite is another office staple; this stone will remove self-doubt and fear while encouraging you to take action. It can also help increase mental clarity and focus while encouraging positive thinking. And last but not least, sardonyx improves the senses, mental focus, and concentration while raising self-confidence. It is also an excellent study stone for helping you to absorb new information. 

Using crystals for the home can remove unwanted energies while balancing and recharging the energies in different rooms. Plus, depending on how you display your stones, they can add colour and beauty to a room. If you want to know about flower and crystal combinations, click here, and for information on crystals for gardening, click here. If you would like to make a crystal mini garden to display in your home, click here and finally, click here; if you own fish and would like to incorporate crystals into their home too. Don’t just think of tumblestones; think of beautiful raw crystals, carved crystals, wind chimes, mobiles, bookends, and paperweights; the list is endless. And please remember to share your journey using crystals for the home with us, @surrender_to_happiness; we love to see how all our readers are doing.

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