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Vision Boards & Manifesting Your Dreams

Vision Boards & Manifesting Your Dreams

(4 customer reviews)


Our vision boards and manifesting your dreams workbook pack is an ideal companion when you are looking to make changes in your life.

Sometimes we have an idea that we want to see blossom into reality. But we don’t know where to start or how to pursue our dreams and goals. Instead, we get stuck on the hamster wheel of life. Continually repeating the same old patterns and never moving forward.

This workbook course will help you recognize what your goals and desires are. It will help you acknowledge and work through any fears or worries that may hold you back, as well as how to incorporate daily rituals of your choice into your life to manifest your dreams into reality.

Included in the vision boards & manifesting your dreams workbook pack:

  • Workbook in vision boards and manifesting your dreams (digital).
  • Fears journal (printable).
  • Gratitude journal (printable).
  • Daily rituals planner (printable).
  • Write it out sheets (printable).
  • Present joy sheets (printable).
  • Affirmation cards (printable).
  • Access to the vision boards and manifesting your dreams private facebook group.

Click here to read our blog if you are looking for more information on how vision boards can help you make your dreams into a reality.

(4 customer reviews)

  1. Robbie Draper

    Lovely workbook which has really helped me with my outlook on life in general. Especially during these trying times! Highly recomend it.

  2. Marta

    OMG!!! This was just what I needed this year. With the way everything has been happening in the world over the last year my goals had most certainly been put on the back burner. This was the pick me up needed to get on with my life no matter what is happening outside my front door. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Lee

    This set is great! I took a chance in this download after looking at the previous reviews. You get plenty of direction to tell you the best way to devise your vision board and after spending the past two days working on my vision board I have a structured, easy to follow board to work with and towards. All of the add ons are great too. I’m sure they will be invaluable to keep me on track and look forward to using them all.

  4. Claire Davies

    I love this workbook, it’s simple and easy to use and after going off track with my New Years resolutions it’s given me a new perspective in my approach to things. Now looking forward to kicking ass and living the life I want.

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