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Mixed Gemstone Tree


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This mixed gemstone tree comes filled with beautiful and vibrant crystals, creating a stunning effect and helping to produce an aura of calm and peacefulness.

Sold separately. Each mixed gemstone tree will vary slightly in size, shape, colour, and pattern. The approximate height of each tree is 150mm.

This mixed gemstone tree is full of beautiful and vibrant crystals. This tree includes amethyst which emits peace and a sense of calm, deepening meditation and aiding restful sleep; green aventurine, a bringer of luck and prosperity; and citrine, for promoting confidence and clarity of the mind. And last but not least, carnelian fosters a sense of safety and security. Overall, this mixture of gemstones creates a stunning effect and helps to produce an aura of calm and peacefulness around it.

Gemstone trees are full of small stones that simulate the appearance of a bonsai tree giving it a tremendous aesthetic appeal. They also sit on a beautiful amethyst base. This tree would make a lovely addition to your home. Place it on a bookcase, mantlepiece or altar. Or give one as a thoughtful gift.

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Before posting them to you, we cleanse and activate all of our crystals in our sacred healing space.

Keep all gemstones and energy tools away from children. 

Sold separately. Each mixed gemstone tree will vary slightly in size, shape, colour, and pattern. The approximate height of each tree is 150mm.

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