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Serpentine is a beautiful crystal that is associated with healing and transformation. It is named after the serpent-like patterns that are found within its structure. It is also known as “new jade” or “healerite” due to its healing properties. Serpentine is associated with the heart, solar plexus, and third eye chakras. It is believed to help clear blockages in these chakras and bring peace and balance to mind, body, and spirit.

This stone is found in various shades of green, ranging from light yellow-green to dark green. It is also found in white, black, and brown. It is not associated with any specific birth month or zodiac sign. However, it is believed to be particularly beneficial for those born under the sign of scorpio. In terms of its healing properties, this stone is said to help with physical and emotional healing. It is believed to aid in treating disorders related to the nervous system, digestive issues and respiratory problems. It is also thought to help release emotional blockages, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote wellbeing.

In terms of its spiritual properties, serpentine is believed to help one connect with nature and the earth. It is also said to aid in spiritual transformation and promote a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world. There are no specific stories or legends associated with serpentine, but it has been used for centuries by many cultures as a powerful healing stone.

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Serpentine Palmstone