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Jasper is a powerful crystal associated with grounding, protection, and nurturing. It comes in many colours and patterns, including red, yellow, green, brown, and multi-coloured. This stone is known by many names, including mookaite, picture jasper, and red jasper. It is associated with the root chakra, but each colour and pattern is believed to have unique energetic properties that also align with other chakras. It is said to help bring balance and stability to the body, mind, and spirit and to help one feel more centred and connected to the earth.

This stone is not explicitly associated with any birth month or zodiac sign, but it is a popular and versatile crystal that benefits many people and purposes. Its healing properties include:

  • Promoting physical and emotional strength.
  • Calming anxiety.
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem.

It is also believed to be a stone of nurturing, helping one to feel more grounded, safe, and supported. In ancient times, this stone was often used for protection and healing. It was believed to ward off negative energy and promote good health and vitality. It was also used for divination and connection with the spirit realm.

There are many stories and legends associated with Jasper. In some native american cultures, it was believed to have the power to connect one with the earth’s spirits and promote balance and harmony in the natural world. In ancient egyptian mythology, it was associated with the goddess Isis and was often used in amulets and jewellery for protection and healing.

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