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Aragonite is a carbonate mineral found in various colours, including white, yellow, pink, green, blue, and brown. It is known for its grounding and stabilising effects. Aragonite is primarily associated with the root chakra. Although, it is also said to have a connection to the earth’s star chakra. It is believed to help promote stability, grounding, and balance. While providing security and protection. In addition to its association with these chakras, this stone is also believed to have a connection to the star sign of capricorn and the element of earth.

In terms of its healing properties, aragonite is said to support bone health and the immune and nervous systems. It is also believed to help with stress and anxiety and to promote relaxation and calm.
Spiritually, this stone boosts spiritual growth and awareness and promotes a deeper connection to the earth and the natural world. It is also said to help with manifestation and abundance and to support a sense of inner peace and calm.

No specific stories or legends are associated with this stone, but it has been used for various purposes throughout history. It has been used in traditional medicine to treat a range of illnesses and has also been used for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. Today, aragonite is still highly valued for its beauty and spiritual properties and is used in various jewellery, carvings, and other decorative objects.

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