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A Comprehensive Guide To Downward Dog

downward dog

In yoga, few poses are as iconic and versatile as the downward dog, known as adho mukha svanasana in Sanskrit. This well-loved posture offers a deep stretch to the body and holds the key to many physical and mental benefits. Here, we delve into the myriad advantages of the downward dog pose and provide a […]

5 Yoga Moves For Before Bedtime

Yoga For Before Bedtime

After a long and hectic day filled with work and other daily activities, it can be challenging to unwind and attain a good night’s sleep. If you’re finding it hard to wind down and feel relaxed, incorporating yoga into your pre-sleep routine might be just the solution you need. Engaging in this practice before bed […]

The Benefits of Cat and Cow Poses in Yoga Practice

Cat And Cow Pose Yoga

Cat and cow poses are fundamental postures in yoga that are often combined into a fluid sequence. These poses complement each other and benefit the body and mind. Incorporating cat and cow poses into your regular yoga routine can enhance your practice and improve overall health and wellbeing. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a […]

The Benefits Of Yoga

Downward Dog

Around the world, many people practice yoga as part of their daily and weekly routines. It is not coincidental that so many people choose yoga as a form of exercise and for their overall well-being. So what are the benefits of yoga and a regular yoga routine? Improves flexibility and strength If you have not […]

How to create your own spiritual rituals

create your own spiritual rituals

Every day you practice rituals without even realizing you are doing so. When you open your curtains on waking, make your morning cup of tea or coffee, or take a daily lunchtime walk, you perform a ritual. One that you do so often, you don’t even notice that it has become an everyday action. Often […]

The Power Of Om

The Power Of Om

You have probably seen people chanting Om at some point in your life. This could have been during meditation or yoga, or even on the tv, but do you know about the power of Om? It is believed that Om was the first sound of the universe. Making it one of the most important to […]

Be a warrior, not a worrier

Warrior Yoga Pose

Virabhadrasana, or Warrior, is one of the most powerful moves you will come across in yoga for your body and mind. All yogis, from beginners to the most experienced, can practice the warrior sequence. There are three main versions of Virabhadrasana, all stretching the chest, lungs, shoulders, neck, belly, and groin and strengthening the thighs, […]

Child’s pose: have you tried it yet?

Childs Pose Yoga

Child’s pose was initially known as balasana. Balasana originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Bala’, meaning child and ‘Asana’, meaning pose. Child’s pose is relaxing and practised by yogis of all levels. Many yogis, look forward to this pose, which can be used between more challenging asanas and sequences. It also benefits the mind, body, and soul […]