Care Rituals For Couples

care rituals for couples

Caring for each other is a fundamental aspect of all healthy relationships. It requires effort from both partners and as everyone becomes busier with work, children and other responsibilities, it is easy to neglect. However, taking time to practice care rituals can improve the bond between you and your partner and enhance the well-being of […]

How to create your own spiritual rituals

create your own spiritual rituals

Every day you practice rituals without even realizing you are doing so. When you open your curtains on waking, make your morning cup of tea or coffee, or take a daily lunchtime walk, you are performing a ritual. One that you do so often you don’t even notice it has become an everyday action. Often […]

Introducing daily rituals into your life

daily rituals

Every one of us has daily rituals that we do. You may not even be aware of some of yours—for example, the person who can’t get going without having a morning coffee each day. The mom who always gets her children ready before herself and the person who needs to check all the doors are […]