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Renewal Crystal Bath Set

Renewal Crystal Bath Set


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Our renewal crystal bath set is designed with pure peace in mind. Bathing with crystals is an excellent way of connecting with them in a truly natural way.

Please read the full description below to see what will arrive in your set.

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Our renewal crystal bath set is designed with pure peace in mind. Bathing with crystals is an excellent way of connecting with them in a truly natural way. Begin by lighting some candles, next hold your crystals and set your intentions before popping them into your bathing water. Finally, sink into this wonderful bath and feel the energy of the crystals envelop yourself. At this point, it is always good to lie still, feel the water wash over you, and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. You can then begin to think about the intentions you have set while enjoying a beautiful crystal bath. This set consists of:

  • Flower jasper, this stone allows you to recognize new possibilities and promotes your desire to realize them.
  • Clear quartz, known as the master healer revitalizes your mental, physical, and spiritual self.
  • Carnelian, this stone builds self-confidence and helps to remove emotional negativity.

We cleanse and activate all of our crystals in our sacred healing space.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other exclusive products or to tag us on Instagram @surrender_to_happiness when you are using your renewal crystal bath set. Since we love to see all of our visitors enjoying their purchases. And for a special treat take a look at our heightened awareness massage oil. Finally, take a look at our blogs on how to, ‘Why is self-care so important?’ and ‘‘Tips for self-love in these busy times’.

Keep all gemstones and energy tools away from children. 

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