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Full Moons & Moon Phases 2023

Moon Phases

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Full Moons of 2023

The moon produces no visible light of its own. A full moon occurs when the side of the moon facing the earth is fully lit by the sun’s rays. Every year there are a minimum of twelve full moons, one for each month. However, occasionally there are extra moons. This is due to the lunar cycle averaging only 29.5 days compared to calendar months which average 30 days.

Many cultures have given names to each full moon across the lunar calendar. The most commonly used and well-known names, mainly originating from the Native American / Indigenous Nations, since the lunar cycle and moon phases were used as a way of measuring time. Moon names would differ between the Native American / Indigenous Nations. However, the ones you will find below have become the most widely used outside of the Native American / Indigenous Nations.

Here is a full moon calendar for you to print out and keep, simply click on the image to download:

Moon Phases

As we stated earlier, a lunar month is roughly 29.5 days in length. Each lunar month consists of the following eight moon phases:

Phase One

Phase one is the new moon, known as the start of the lunar cycle. This is when the sun, moon and earth are all aligned in the sky. This phase is a great time to reflect on what has passed and where you wish to be in the weeks to come. It is also an ideal time for setting new intentions.

Phase Two

Phase two is a waxing crescent moon, the start of the moon growing and taking shape. Beginning with a thin sliver of silver in the night sky. This is a time for taking action, and just like the moon, begin your growth in order for your dreams to start taking shape.

Phase Three

Phase three is the first quarter moon; as the name states, it is a quarter of the way through the lunar cycle. Halfway through waxing, the moon continues to grow, and just as she grows, you should too. Be open to new opportunities and try to flow with the rhythms of life rather than against them.

Phase Four

Phase four is the waxing gibbous moon, a time of uncertainty. At this point, it is hard to tell if the moon is full, as only a thin sliver is missing. It is often a time of impatience when we feel something is holding us back. This is the ideal time to practice patience and trust in the higher realms.

Phase Five – The Full Moon

Phase five is the full moon when the sun and moon are aligned on opposite sides of the earth. It is the time of peak energy when opposing forces can cause elation from moving with the rhythms of life or emotional vulnerability if you’ve been fighting against them.

This is a time to celebrate your successes as well as a time to acknowledge what has stood in your way. At this point in the lunar cycle, it is ideal to recharge your crystals by placing them in the light of the full moon, either outside in nature or on a windowsill.

Phase Six

Phase six is the waning gibbous moon when the moon begins once more to lose her fullness. This is a time of process, working through all you have experienced since the beginning of this lunar cycle. A time when energy can falter, and fears can set in and a time for release. Release the fears and doubts, and let the world see and hear you.

Phase Seven

Phase seven is the last quarter moon, and as the name suggests, it is now three-quarters of the way through the lunar cycle. This is a time for you to surrender and, just like the moon a time for letting go. Take responsibility, let go of the old, and create space for new growth, new ideas and new beginnings.

Phase Eight

Phase eight is the waning crescent moon when the moon is barely visible. This is a time of endings and completeness. When you can close one door and open another, you are ready for the next cycle. It is an ideal time to reflect on how far you have come, on accomplishments and failures and to plan your next steps.

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