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Sunstone is a unique and beautiful crystal associated with the sacral chakra in the lower abdomen. It resonates with this chakra, making it an ideal choice for enhancing creativity and confidence. It is typically found in shades of orange, red, and brown and can be found in countries such as norway, india, and the united states. It is also known by other names, such as heliolite and aventurine feldspar.

This crystal is associated with the zodiac signs of leo and libra and is believed to be particularly beneficial for those born in july. Its healing properties include promoting vitality and personal power and treating depression and other emotional imbalances. Spiritually, sunstone is thought to enhance intuition and promote a connection with the divine. It is believed to be particularly helpful for those seeking clarity and guidance in their spiritual journey.

Many stories surround this stone in various cultures, particularly in norse mythology, where it was believed to be associated with the god of the sun. It was also used by native american tribes in rituals and ceremonies, where it was thought to bring good luck and prosperity. Overall, sunstone is a powerful and unique crystal that can bring light and positive energy to those who work with it.

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Sunstone Tumblestone