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Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a beautiful crystal associated with joy, creativity, and positivity. It is a variety of calcite that ranges in colour from pale orange to deep reddish-orange. It is sometimes known as “orange onyx” due to its translucent appearance and banding. This stone is associated with the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen and is linked to emotions, creativity, and sensuality. It is believed to help balance this chakra and increase joy, passion, and vitality. It is also said to be a stone of emotional healing, helping to release past traumas and blockages.

Orange calcite is not explicitly associated with a birth month or zodiac sign, but it is said to be particularly beneficial for those born under the sign of cancer. In ancient times, calcite was used for various purposes, including as a building material and in various forms of jewellery. It was also believed to have healing properties and was used to treat various ailments. There are many stories and legends associated with calcite. In ancient rome, it was believed that calcite could protect against evil spirits and was often used as a talisman. It was also used in ancient greece to remedy various ailments, including skin conditions and digestive problems. Today, orange calcite is often used in meditation and energy work to help enhance one’s feelings of joy and creativity.

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Orange Calcite