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Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass used for centuries for its healing properties. This stone is formed when lava cools quickly and solidifies before crystal structures form, giving it a smooth and glass-like texture. It is known for its intense black colour, which results from the presence of iron and magnesium.

Black obsidian is not typically associated with any specific birth month or zodiac sign, making it a versatile and widely used stone. It is believed to have several healing properties, including protecting against negativity, cleaning the aura, and promoting emotional healing. This stone is also thought to be useful for grounding and balancing energy.

Spiritually, black obsidian is linked to the root chakra and is believed to help release negative emotions, such as anger and fear. It is also said to aid in releasing energy blockages, allowing the user to feel more balanced and connected to their inner self. In ancient times, many cultures valued this stone, including the aztecs and ancient egyptians, who used it for practical and spiritual purposes. Today, it is widely used in the world of crystal healing and is often used in meditation and spiritual practices.

In addition to its healing properties, black obsidian is known for its beauty and is often used in jewellery and decorative items. Its deep black colour and smooth texture makes it a popular choice for many people looking for a unique and eye-catching piece. Whether used for its healing properties or aesthetic appeal, black obsidian remains a popular stone in crystal healing.

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Black Obsidian